About Us

Dottie’s Kitchen launched in 2020 with the vision of sharing delicious vintage baked goods with the community. We combine old-fashioned recipes with high-quality ingredients, love, and a little bit of flair.

The business was born out of the love and passion developed in the kitchens of my mother and paternal grandmother “Dottie”. Dottie, or Dear Dear, as she was called by her grandchildren, had a sincere love of cooking and baking. This same passion, care and commitment to quality is inherent in all our products. We use quality ingredients like real butter, whole eggs, and European chocolate and shy away from preservatives and additives.

We pledge to offer:

  1. Quality baked goods made with natural ingredients
  2. Exceptional customer service
  3. Commitment to excellence

Please enjoy our products and be sure to offer any feedback.